SAP Products – simplified solutions for vertical integration

SAP Products are hard masks based on metal oxide chemistry and demonstrate unparalleled selectivity and process simplicity.

SAP hard masks are used in demanding fluorine plasma etch applications where deep vias or trenches with very high aspect ratios are required (TSV, MEMS etc.). Currently, two products – SAP 100 and SAP 110 –are offered to our clients. The two products offer different options depending on cure, dry etch chemistry and wet etch bench availability. SAP products has been demonstrated to achieve up to 1:10000 etch selectivities.

The short processing times enables significant savings in cost of ownership. The third product, SAP 120, which can itself be patterned by photolithography is under development. 

Parameter  SAP 100 SAP 110

Wafer pretreatment

None None


200°C/1min hot plate 300°C/1min hot plate

Hard mask opening

BCl3/Cl2 plasma or Al wet etcher BCl3/Cl2 plasma or Dilute HF


Al wet etcher Dilute HF

Film Thickness

60nm 110nm

Etch selectivity to Si (Bosch DRIE)

1:3500 -10000* 1:1000 – 3000*

*Selectivity is a function of etch parameters and cure temperature